y helo thar!

You've reached the online portfolio of Stephanie Larsen (that'd be me)! This is a humble collection of my most recent artistic works.

A little bit about why I do this thing...
Imagery is not always just a pretty picture. With the ability to communicate the power of a thousand words in an instant, it can also transport you to another world where anything is possible. I experience this and other great things with creative works that really resonate with me, so what I strive for most with my own work is to give that same highly-sought, mind-blowing experience to others who view it.

I’m most strongly influenced by colour, nature, nostalgia, and the mysteries of the world around us. I own too many different shades of nail polish, my favourite animal is the coelacanth, and I am sometimes mistaken for a tree sprite.

I was born on: October 1st, 1986
I am currently living in: British Columbia, Canada
Some of my strongest influences are: Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, John Singer Sargent, Malcolm Liepke, Scott Hansen, Lois Van Baarle, Joy Ang, Aysha Shehim, and Melita Curphy
I also like other things! such as: video games, reading, hiking, nature documentaries, cooking, scuba diving, sushi, thunder and lightning storms, and ghost stories.

You can get in touch with me over at the contact page. Please direct any inquiries regarding prints or commissions here.

moi avec le nautilus.